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    The workaround to using annotations in Google Data Studio time series charts

    Please see below update - valid on 04/09/2021 Often in a time series chart in Google Data Studio we want to reference particular key events: website updates, important media activations etc. We can do this in Google Analytics &...

    Add KPIs to time series charts in Google Data Studio with reference lines

    Take your Google Data Studio charts to the next level with reference lines and add target KPIs to better illustrate performance. To add reference lines Edit your Google Data Studio chartOn the right - select the STYLE properties panelClick Add...

    Make Google Ads Mockups Using The Karooya Ad Mockup Preview Tool

    Make Google Ads mockups using the Karooya Ad mockup Preview Tool Ever want to send awesome Google ad mockups to your client but struggle to visually represent the ad? If you have not seen it – check out the free...

    Test Google Tag Manager without access using Digodat Injector extension

    Ever wanted to setup Google Tag Manager tags without access to a website or in a safe environment, with no risk & a bit of proactivity? Get ahead and proactively test tagging and tracking without any backend access. To...

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    Google Data Studio

    Can’t Align Items in Google Data Studio? Use This Keyboard Shortcut To Enter Freeform!

    Ever find the snap-to-grid functionality can leave your Google Data Studio charts off kilter? This Google Data Studio tip is just for you! Click any...

    Google Chrome

    Create A Generic Click Trigger In Google Tag Manager

    A big part of day-to-day Google Tag Manager management revolves around effective click tracking. The first step here can be create a generic click...

    Google Ads

    The Super Secret Method To Getting Your Google Ads Search Query Data Back

    Following Google's update for search terms to include only "terms that were searched by a significant number of users" paid search professionals have been...

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