Test Google Tag Manager without access using Digodat Injector extension


Ever wanted to setup Google Tag Manager tags without access to a website or in a safe environment, with no risk & a bit of proactivity? Get ahead and proactively test tagging and tracking without any backend access.

To get started head to the Chrome Store and download the Digodat Tag Manager injector extension ➡️ shorturl.at/ivT34

Next go to Google Tag Manager and create a new account – just sign in at the top right of ➡️ shorturl.at/doDQ6

Now – Pick a website you want to test the tagging for – prior to an activation or onboarding and enter the URL in the URL box.

Copy the newly created Google Tag Manager container ID – go to the website you are testing, and within the Digodat extension you can insert the GTM container in what is best seen as a testing mode. No impact or effect on actual tracking but provides a good framework for testing tags and triggers ahead of setup for a new client

Our website is new but building. Our next GTM tidbit will extend setup here to include basic variables and triggers. In the meantime Please check out our other Google Tag Manager Tid Bits

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