Measure Google Data Studio Report Usage With Google Analytics


Ever wonder if reports being sent out are actually looked at? Get invaluable metrics like time spent on each page of Google Data Studio report/ bounce rate/ pages per session etc with this handy little tid bit

  1. First step is to head to Google Analytics
  2. If you do not have an account create one with an email address and password associated to a Google account
  3. Click ADMIN in any Google Analytics account
  4. In the property column click +CREATE PROPERTY
  5. Copy your Google Analytics measurement ID
  6. To to Google Data Studio and find the report you want to measure
  7. Select FILE and then click REPORT SETTINGS
  8. Enter your Google measurement ID here.

Now wait for the data to collect! Make informed decisions about your reporting based on bounce rate, time on certain pages etc Make sure any IP addresses for your company are excluded or even better – use a block me from Analytics plugin to get a client view of the data collating in GA.

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